zinger (plural zingers)

  1. Something that zings.
  2. A very rapidly moving object, especially one that is thrown.
    The pitcher threw a real zinger and struck him out.
  3. A suprising or unusually pointed or telling remark.
    My little niece let fly with the zinger that my sister was pregnant again.
  4. An event that when experienced leaves the witness dazed, either physically or metaphorically.
    I was still reeling from the zinger of seeing my ex on a date with my best friend.

6 letters in word "zinger": E G I N R Z.

No anagrams for zinger found in this word list.

Words found within zinger:

en eng er erg ering ern gen gi gie gien gin girn grein gren grin grize in ire ne neg nie niger re reg rei reign rein ren renig rez rig rin rine ring riz zein zig zin zine zing